• About

  • Effective

    We have a fully equipped audio post-production suite, including a sound booth for voice recording and our versatile team has a wide range of experience in both videography and photography, offering a unique and engaging style of imagery.

  • Affordable

    Along with our in-house partner companies, we can offer a complete end to end production service, which is very cost-effective to our clients. With a single facility handling all your production, you will save time and money on any project.

  • Professional

    With years of experience, our production values are uncompromising and of the highest quality, and we pride ourselves on offering a unique personalized service where every client is made to feel like one of the team.

  • We can provide a well-balanced combination of various other media related services.

    Within our facility is a full Audio Post Production Suite, Video Editors, Graphic Designers, Animators, Producers, Directors and Photographers.

  • Andrew Sutherland
    Bigmouth Studios

    Andrew has achieved substantial acclaim as a sound engineer, with his vast music knowledge and technical know-how. He has worked in various aspects of the music and TV industry since 2005, including sales, production, sound design, audio restoration and final mixing. In this time he has mixed numerous long-form shows, TV series & documentaries as well as hundreds of radio and television commercials and designed audio for television imaging, corporate videos and theatre soundscapes. He also started doing professional voiceover work in 2010.

  • Dale Love-Ballantine
    IndieVillage Creative

    Dale has been working in the South African Production industry since 2003 and is currently running Indie Village Creative, a creative media house that services corporate clients, TV productions, short films, as well as bands, NGO’s and individual who want to tell visual stories. He also has a sister company, Studio Memoir, specializing in Creative Wedding Films.

  • Lindsay Finnemore
    Even Flow Media

    Lindsay has been in the media, graphic design and film industry since 2005. She has worked with corporate clients, entertainment companies, government departments and SME’s. In 2008, Lindsay ventured out on her own and started a new business, focusing on graphic design and various media platforms. As the years progressed, Lindsay found herself involved in video editing and film production. She surrounded herself with professional collaborators in the production territory and Even Flow Media was formed.

  • Justin Wingate
    Heck Pictures

    Justin Wingate is the owner of Heck Pictures, a company specialising in digital video production, 3D animation and motion graphics. With over 10 years of industry experience, he is a highly capable individual who delivers great quality work.