• Services

  • Audio Post Production

    Audio Editing, Final Mix, Sound FX Design, Commericals, Audiovisual, Corporate Videos, Broadcast Shows

  • Voiceover Recording

    Voice Artist Recording, Voice Demos, Podcasts

  • Audio Forensics

    Intense Audio Analysis, Clarity and Intelligibility Enhancement, Audio Restoration and Repair

  • Studio Link Facilities

    APTx Enhanced ISDN, SourceConnect Standard, SourceNow, Skype

  • Music & SFX Libraries

    Extensive Sound FX and Production Music Libraries

  • Voice Casting

    Find the Perfect Voice for your project in any South African Language

  • Language Supervision

    Language Supervision during recording sessions in any South African Language

  • Scripting & Translation

    Scriptwriting, Proofreading and Translation in any South African Language